With SDC you can monitor and evaluate as much measurement data as you like from anywhere and at any time. This allows you to do more is less time.

Making good decisions under time pressure is near to impossible. Especially when you need to keep track of a large number of devices at the same time. Not to mention connecting all of these data sources, without losing track of what’s most important. We developed SDC to take this off your hands.  

With SDC, experts can monitor and analyze data from any number of measurement devices in one place, from anywhere and at any time, so that you can do more in less time.

SDC in numbers

A large number of users are already benefiting from SDC’s capabilities in their projects. When will you join them?

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How can I test SDC?


Fill out our contact form. List your requirements, so that we can understand your needs and challenges. 


In a join (online) appointment, we will show you how SDC can support your projects.


We will set up an SDC with your own devices and requirements. And you simply try out SDC, to see if it suits you.

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Frequently asked questions:

How much does SDC cost?

The financing models for SDC are as flexible as you need. Choose between fair billing according to usage, or an uncomplicated subscription model.  

Is the setup complicated?

The whole setup is carried out by us. No IT knowledge is required on your part. Whether updates, maintenance or hosting, with us you get everything in one place.

Is my data safe with SDC?

Your data is stored solely on our servers in Germany. We also take care of regular backups so that you are protected against data loss. 

And security online?

SSL encryption means that your data can only be seen by those who have access to them.

What if I want to switch to another system?

SDC is not a dead-end. You can independently export all of your data and then continue to use it after switching to a different system. 

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